Teaching at Denasa Buddhist Monastery

At Denasa Buddhist Monastery situated at lower Everest region teaching English to Buddhist monks is highly demanding. Monks both young and old living in this monastery never get the opportunity to learn English and they have been experiencing difficulties in speaking and writing English. The ‘Rinpoches’ (monk of higher order) have realized this fact that without knowing English there will be some kind of barrier to spread out the teaching of the Buddha. Thus, only volunteers can help out and teach English especially to these monks. Monks are extremely eager to learn as well as very much well-disciplined. It will be a great opportunity for volunteers to work, to learn Buddhism and to participate in the monastic rituals.

Volunteers can work in Denasa Buddhist monastery teaching Basic English lessons for 3-4 hours per day and organize other curricular-activities like sports, painting etc. On the other hand, they may also get the chance to learn Buddhist meditation techniques and in- depth knowledge of the Sherpa culture of Everest region in Nepal. They may also have a rare and unique opportunity to observe and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals during the volunteering period at the monastery.