Contrasts of Mongolia

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Contrast of Mongolia Tour is especially designed featuring different regions of this landlocked country. The trip begins in the capital, Ulaanbaatar and traverses through the country’s colorful towns, ancient ruins and stunning National Parks. During the overland journey, it takes 4-7 hours driving from one to other destination.

You will experience the lifestyle of Nomads, Ger (Mongolian traditional dome-shaped dwelling camp), explore contrasts of naturel treasures throughout the journey. Tucked away between Russia and China, Mongolia has long been one of the world’s most admired destination for every traveler. En route you will also visit the ancient capital of Mongolia, Karakorum, located on the north-eastern slopes of the Khangai Mountain founded by the then Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan in 1220. But, later Karakorum lost its glory after the attack by the army of the Min Dynasty.

This tour can also be offered on a customized basis as per the dates suitable to you, your friends or family at the most affordable cost.


  • Arrive in Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to hotel. Enjoy traditional art performance and Welcome dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel.

  • Travel to Baga Gazriin Chuluu for 5-6hours about 240kms, is a picturesque mountain at an elevation of 1,751 meters in the Granite Belt of Mongolia. On the way we will see Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain, giant rocky granite mountain as sacred by local nomads. Late afternoon short trekking for 2 hours in the area. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Continue travel to Tsagaan Suvarga about 240kms for 5-6hours. This stunning area is 30 meters high white limestone formation and created over thousands of years by natural wind. Trekking and exploring around about 2-3hours. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Morning we will drive to Yol valley (Lammergeier’s Gorge) about 220kms. This picturesque place is nestled between the beautiful peaks of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain and shelters rich wildlife. Visit Gobimuseum a nd trekking through the valley for 4-6kms. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Travel to Khongor sand dunes for 180kms. On the way we will trekking about 2-3hours. Known as Singing sand dunes, the Khongor dunes are up to 300ms high, 15kms wide, and 180kms long. Afternoon we will walk through the Golden sand dunes. The view is incredible from top of the dunes. Visit nomad family. Optional camel riding as available. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Morning we will trekking about 2hours. Then continue travel to Bayanzag for 170kms. Here you will see saksaul forest in the Gobi desert and red flaming cliffs, which formed by the erosion of the sand and rock over many thousands of years. This is the place where dinosaurs were lived 70 million years ago, and isinternationall y famous for its dinosaur remains of complete skeletons, eggs and hatchlings of the Cretaceous Period. Enjoy trekking and sun setting in the Gobi. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Morning we will trekking through Saksaul forest about 1.5hours. Then travel to Ongi temple ruin for 140km., late afternoon walking along the area where the ruins are situated. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Travel along the famous Orkhon valley for 270kms. On the way trekking through Steppe about 2hours. The area is known as the cradle of Mongolian nomadic civilization, where many of Mongolia’s ancient monuments lie within its borders. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Continue travel for 60kms to Tuvkhun temple, is high in the mountain, marking the north side of the Orkhonnvalley. Trekking up to mountain for 3-4kms about 1-1.5hours. Visit the site that Mongolian first religious leader saint Zanabazar founded in 1653 and lived, worked and meditated for over 30 years. Several pilgrimage sites have grown up around the temple and hermit’s caves, including one that is said to be issuing at a scalding of +86.5 degree C with the stench of hydrogen sulphide, the hot spring is very popular in the
    area. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • In the morning you will be refreshed by light trekking for 2hours along the mountain valley until reaching Tsenkher River. After crossing the river with your vehicle you can continue on trekking to a small lake about an hour. Enjoy picnic lunch. Continue travel to Kharakhorum for 90kms about 2-3hours. Visit the largest and first Mongolian Buddhist temple complex of Erdene Zuu. Then you will attend a workshop by the local people for manufacturing hand – made felt items. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

  • Travel to Gurvanbulag community for 100kms. On the way we will see Ugii Lake. Gurvanbulag is a small community, initiated by few local families who live in the beautiful natural reserve of Khognokhaan Mountain. Visit to nomad family. Late afternoon trek to Elsen Tasarkhai small sand dune about 5-6kms for 2hours. Stay overnight in Community based Ger camp. BLD

  • Travel to Khustai National Park for 200kms about 4-5kms. Khustai National Park encompassing an area of 50.620hectare is the habitat of resurrected wild Mongolian horses, popularly known as Takhi (Przewalski’s Horse). After lunch you will visit the Information Centre for having an introduction about the park. Late afternoon you will travel in the park to see the Takhi horses in the wilderness and walking around area. Stay overnight in Ger Camp. BLD

  • Travel to Ulaanbaatar city for 100kms. Visit Gandan monastery and National History museum. After refreshment in the hotel you will go with the guide to shops for souvenirs and cashmere. Farewell dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel. BLD

  • After breakfast at the hotel transfer to airport for departure. B

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What is included

  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • Twin/Double basis hotel accommodation*** (2 nights) in Ulaanbaatar
  • Ger camp stay (10 nights) and community based Ger camp stay (1 night) in the countryside
  • English speaking guide service
  • Entrance fees to Protected Areas and sightseeing costs
  • All transfers by minibus/bus in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside
  • Meals of breakfast, lunch /picnic/ and dinner as mentioned per day itinerary

What is Excluded

  • International Airfare
  • Single supplement during entire trip
  • Travel / medical insurance and emergency evacuation costs
  • Personal expenses such as telephone calls, alcoholic beverages, bottled drinks (including cold drinks and mineral water/boiled water), laundry
  • Donation & tips etc.
  • All expenses incurred in the event of early departure (evacuation fee, transport, extra hotel night, food etc.)

Contrasts of Mongolia 2024/2025 Cost and Departure Dates

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Nitty Gritty

  • Destination: Mongolia
  • Trip Duraton: 14 Days
  • Ulaanbaatar: 2 Nights on B&B Plan
  • Ger Camp: 10 Nights
  • Community based Ger Camp: 1 Nights
  • Meals: Througout the tour except in Ulaanbaatar
  • Activity: Treks & Tours
  • Transportation: Transfers in city by Mini Bus/Bus & 4WD Russian Minivan
  • Best Seasons: June –September

General Information

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